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trem vs. blocked trem vs. hardtail

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I was looking at the specs for the Clapton series Strat and it said that it had a "blocked" classic synchronized tremolo. How do they block a trem? It looks like you can disassemble the bridge from the spring block thingie. Do they just screw that down to an un-routed or plugged body?

I'd guess they use a blocked trem, over a hardtail for style points.

Is there a downside to just unscrewing the whammy bar, putting on all the springs, and cranking up the spring tension to immobilize the bridge? Do you get more sustain or better tone with a hardtail?

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Yeah, that's what they do. You can buy a block to fit.

Or stick a hunk of wood in there.

It's up to you, but I know what MY choice would be. :D

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"hardtail " for me. Better tone IMO, maybe not more sustain, but more "woody" sounding. I prefer electronic reverb over the subtle reverb you get from the trem springs.

That subtle reverb is really only heard acoustically anyhow, and I never noticed it unless I was playing the springs themselves :D ... as soon as you're plugged into an amp, I'd challenge anybody to find any 'reverb' qualities to those springs.


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