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gettimg hum....? MAKE IT STOP!


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My telecaster has a crackling hum sound until I put my finger on the strings/knobs does this mean I've not earthed it properly? How should I fix this? Its really annoying!

You have metal/chrome knobs right? Well, seeing that I'm not a wiring expert, I'd say check your grounding.

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Mate just buy some copper foil and follow these instructions.

Fenders are full of ground loops anyway and this method really works. Removing the ground loops and replacing them with a star ground is the best way to go. Should only take an hour or two and the difference is massive. I have done one of my strats already and the guitar used to be exactly as you described. A reasonably annoying hum until I touched the strings or bridge. Now its quiet enough to play infront of my monitor with good results.

I believe if your going to pul your axe apart and spend an hour or so looking for a dry solder joint, you may aswell do the job properly.

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i have found that 90% of all guitars are wired horribly. i would srongly recomend shielding the entire insturment. alluminum foil is great for under the pick guard. if you need any help with the project, give me an email. i'll be glad to help :D

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