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LED Tutorial


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I have most of the material I need to complete the tutorial on installing LED's. As I was writing the document last night, I began to wonder how much detail I need to get into with the design portion and electronics theory.

I don't want it to be confusing or have it be an information overload but on the other hand, I'd like it to be complete and thorough. The theory portion isn't too bad but I wonder if it's worth getting into or not? The thing is - if I don't include that stuff, people won't be able to change/modify the circuit and will be stuck using exactly what I used.

I don't know what part of it people really need to know. Is it the actual installation or the circuit/wiring and parts ordering?

For a while, lots of people were asking about them but I don't know - is there still an interest in having something like this?

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I think too much theory is going to confuse people like me. Circuit analysis and design was one unit in my high school Physics class that i failed miserably. I just don't get it.

That said, i can follow a schematic. If it's laid out in front of me, and labeled very clearly (i don't always know what all the symbols mean), i can put it together.

I think a tutorial for doing LED inlay should focus on three things:

1. The specific parts you'll need.

2. How to put together the circuit (maybe show a couple of alternate 'modules' that people can mix and match to get what they're looking for, e.g. face dots, side dots, 12th fret inlay only, etc.).

3. Installation in the guitar.

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daveq, I agree with Darren for different reasons. I figure that if you know anything about electronics, you should be able to hack together an LED array, and if you don't, simple specific instructions will pretty much ensure a working circuit. You could always include a chart of resistor substitutions for different colors if you wanted to. I'm a lot more interested in your installation and wiring techniques, especially finishing the fingerboard, connectors and stuff like that. Pics would be great. It's a big job, I'm glad somebody has finally decided to take it on - I'm looking forward to seeing it!

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go for it, i might give'r a try some day.

show exactly how you did it then put a small blurb with the essential theory like "now if you wanted to change it and this, then you would need this because.... yada yada..." give one or two other examples that would stear most people in the right direction... and pictures always help

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