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Lots of questions!

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1. On an AANJ neck pocket, what do i use to put in with the screws? Is it some sort of plug?

2. How do i fill screw holes on a neck?

3. How deep are the screw holes on a neck for AANJ?

4. What difference does a roller nut make?

5. And finally, what is some versatile single coil pickups?


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the purpose of a roller nut is to prevent the strings from sticking like happens on a regular nut.when you turn the tuning keys your strings stick a little in the grooves which makes tuning a little more difficult.alot of people go below pitch with each string and then bring it up to correct pitch to help.(i hope i am being clear)a roller nut prevents this by making a frictionless connection.alot of people use them with a wilkinson or similar tremelo instead of a locking nut.

i think what you are talking about with the neck screws is a washer type piece called a neck mounting ferrulle.you just countersink a hole to the same depth as the ferrule so it sits flush.(stewmac.com-hardware)

versatile single coils:emg s,duncan cool rails,hot rails,etc...

everything else is not my department.hope this helps :D

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Other department checkin in :D

To fill the original neck holes you can dril out to a specific size and use wood dowels found at just about every hardware store. A little hole and some glue and your ready to trim the tops.

The holes I wouldn't drill to wide to begin with since your going to want the screw's to bite into the wood but for the headstock end you can count on your screw's being #8 x 1-3/8" long and the two for the back towards the body #8 x 1-3/4" long so you'll have to judge how thick your body is at those points with the ferrules inserted before drilling the neck.

Yes two different size's since the roundness of the AANJ body makes it thinner towards the neck.

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I'm kind of a newb here, and I have very little advice to pass on as far as guitar building goes. I DO, however, know my pickups, and I think you'll be doing your guitar a big favor by fitting it with Rio Grandes. Great pups. Hot output, and with decent electronics they can prove quite versatile.

hope this helps,


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What kinda style do you play? Personally I love Van Zandt pups for my style of playing, but too be honest, I think people make too much of a point out of pups.

I just scored a set of brand new Fender American standard pups and they sound just as good as my Van Zandt True Vintage pups.

I guess it depends on the silver you want to shake out...

I'm stupid... what is AANJ????

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