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Saga Kit, new nut?

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On my Saga Telecaster the high E sounds very dead, i think its becasuse the nut slot is to big, ive even but on 11s and i get the same problem, can i buy a pre slotted nut or do i have to buy a blank one and do all the work myself, also is there anything else that may be causing this?


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you'll have to either buy a blank one and do the work yerself or take it in for a quick repair at someplace.. AFAIK, there are no pre-slotted nuts available.. i suppose i could be wrong though

in the saga kits, that nut should be replaced anyway...

if you're not going to be doing a lot of "nut swapping" (that seems so homoerotic!) your best bet is probably to just get someone else to do it, rather than invest in a set of nut files. someone else might be able to suggest some alternate tools, but I don't think my eye is steady enough to do it without 'em. luckily for me the shop i used to work at had a nice set, so I could do all mine there.

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