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Lawrence XL 500

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It is very cool.The pickup gives you some serious gain in mosh mode.Depending on your gear that is :D .Chrystal clear.They have a tight low end.As far as people talkin about a lot of highs........turn down the treble.I didn't find too much anyway and I'm not a treble lover either.The blade does keep the volume up in bends.I don't play many leads,but if you do,this PU will stand out.

The clean mode is superb.I don't usually use the Bridge for much clean stuff,but this is so clear.

All in all,a very cool pickup.

Well Worth the money and the wait.9 weeks,but who cares.


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Depends I guess.Seymours are cool too.They are(in my mind)a little more midrange based.A lot of people use Seymours.

These Lawrences are handmade one at a time.Which I think is very cool for 50$.

I find this pickup to be unique.Sometimes you get a PU and expect a sound change and it's minimal.

Try em out.If you don't like em,I'm sure you'd be able to sell it.

All in preference.

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ifound this one place that sell the Lawrence XL 500 for $56. I just googled it then i found it. Is that a good price.

The only site that has real Bill Lawrence is http://www.billlawrence.com/. You can sometimes find some on ebay but the price never seems to be as good as Bill's.

I really recomend buying from Bill. There are fake BL's from that fake Bill Lawrence company that used to sell through stewmac so it can be hard to tell what you are getting. Call up Bill and Becky and they will find out what you want and recomend the perfect pup. They're great people who seem to care about their customers.

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