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Satin finish on the neck


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I'm building an LP style guitar and I'm planning to finish my guitar with nitrocellulose aerosol lacquers. But I don't like the "sticky" feel of the hard finishes. I already own a Fender and it has a great finish on the neck. It is different than its body finish. Not glossy, much more slippery to play and much thinner. I don't know what it is. I was wondering if it is a satin finish? or just finished with some other material instead of lacquer? It is a "1996 American Standard" series Strat. (I think there are american and standard series seperately now)

Anyway.. If I spray satin lacquer on the neck of my new guitar, will it be slippery like my Fender's neck? Or is it just the visual? How do you guys achieve non sticky necks with nitro lacquers?... A satin finish is all I can think of... but I couldn't find any information about the "difference of feeling" between high gloss, satin, or matte finishes.

Btw.. my neck wood is mahogany and will be finished with Nitro lacquer (CLOU brand aerosols) after grain filling and sealing.

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Btw.. I might consider finishing the entire guitar with Satin finish. I like the natural look. Is there any disadvantages of doing this? Because everyone I've seen on the forums are going for high-gloss finishes. I'd like to hear your comments if you have experiences with satin finishes on the body.

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I used Satin finish for the inside of my hinline, so you can see it through the f-holes. Not exactly what you're after but the closest you've got at the minute :D

To be honest, I'm not too keen, it doesn't really look quite right but thats just my opinion. I'll have the masking off tonight so I'll be able to have another look. I'll wpe the dust off it too and might change my mind.

The paint hasn't been laquered over, I left it just as it was. BUT, I love satin finishes and I think it might look good if the whole body was like that. Hell, you can always sand it of it doesn't look good :D

You could spray a bit of guitar shaped paper and stick it on the guitar top to have a look :D

Hope that's of some help, I doubt it but still hope it is.


PS Your surname isn't Byers is it B)

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you don't HAVE to lacquer the neck, lots of people sand the original finish off! to put on just a little tung oil or lemon oil with some cloth...

the nicest playing necks are unfinished ones, but an unfinished neck is prone to going out of tune as moisture in the air can get into and out of the wood

by adding just the slightest layer of tung or lemon oil, or anything you can seal it off enough to stop the moisture :D

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Satin nitro does feel pretty good to me for a neck finish. I had been playing a bare maple neck for over a year previous to this so I had become quite used to the quick feel of a no-finish neck. I didn't feel hindered at all by the satin nitro finish on my tiger guitar's neck. (sorry - no pics of the back of the neck).


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Hmm.. I'm living in Istanbul.. and the weather is always damp here. Especially this time of the year. So I think I should go for lacquer instead of Tung Oil or Lemon Oil. And my neck wood is a porous mahogany... Just oiling won't do it I guess.

I think I'll try the satin finish on the back of the neck and high gloss on the body.. I hope two seperate finishes won't look too ugly.

Thanks a lot for the answers.

Btw.. my surname is Kench... not Byers..:D

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I did use the satin on the fretboard also. I scalloped the last 4 frets just to try it out. I had never played a scalloped guitar before so I didn't want to go much further up. I do like it so next time I'll probably go up to the 15th fret (maybe 12th).

I don't know how the Tru-Oil stuff feels but that might be a good option for finishing a neck also. I think Scott R. used it and was happy with the feel. I like the satin nitro so I'll probably continue to use it for a while.


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