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questions and problems with lp wiring


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i want to use a wiring schematic for a les paul. the only problem i see is i want to be able to independently use the volumes to help me control the middle position. i dont like the normal les paul wiring because it takes away from my control over the pickups. also i want to put dimarzios into it and coil tap. do most dimarzio seven string pickups have 4 conductors so i can tap them with a switch? also is it possible to use push/pull pots as both of my volume and one of my tone pots to have series/parallel and splits on both my pickups and a phase reversal for the middle position?

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i know for a fact i could wire it all up, but im not quite sure if it would work together. i have seen schematics for splitting, series, and taps and even for what i think is an independent control with the volumes, but i have no idea if it would all work on the same guitar. i could do it in theory, but ive never done so much to one guitar, so i dont know if any of the switches would cancel each other out, especially having series and phase going on.

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Sometimes it's easiest to implement complex systems in stages. Decide what constitiutes a bare minmum of the features and get that working , then add features one at a time. I don't understand exactly what you're looking for, but none of the features you've mentioned seem mutually exclusive, so start simple and add options. That way, if you run into problems, you'll be able to ask specific questions that are easy to answer.

Start here:

2 Humbuckers, 3 Way Toggle, 2 Volume, 2 Tone

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