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idea for new project

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tell me what you guys think of this guitar:

Jem body style / neck thru

25 1/2" scale

neck lamination made from quilted maple/ebony/koa/purpleheart/cocobolo(10 piece)

body made from brazilian mahogany/black limba or walnut (sandwiched together)

purpleheart stringers

5A+ quilted maple carved top

ebony fretboard with abalone vine of life with fiber optic blue leafs

full binding done with abalone and 24k gold leaf

gold covered dimarzio evolutions in bridge and middle positions (single in mid), sustainer in neck-covered in gold as well

blue carrieburst finish(skyblue in middle to midnight blue outside of of body)

gold ibanez double edge floyd

dual outputs for piezo and normal signals

full electronics suite including coil taps, preamp, phase switches etc.

2 dual battery compartments in back of body, small switch for fiber optics

logo done in sappire and 24k gold leaf and 24k gold truss rod cover, gold tuners and retainer bar

needless to say this thing will look and play expensivley! what i would like to know though is if anybody would be willing to make me a photoshop of this guitar to see what it will look like?

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