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Advice for newbie pls

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New to the forum and guitar building. Before really plunging into building I'm considering this project. Have a neck, pick ups, bridge, etc (no body) from a Japanese mid 70's Epi 335 copy. I'd like to try making a LP style solid body for it for experience. I guess my question is "am I nuts?". Is it worth the effort?

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Sure, why not?

I wouldn't get too attached to it, being your first one, but those parts would be great for your 'learner' model.

I sez use 'em and start planning!

Measure the neck from the nut to the center of the 12th fret and report back, lets see what your scale length is. B)

Hopefully your neck isn't twisted or anything weird.

Any pics? Describe the bridge?

Doing a carved top for your starter is biting off a sizable chunk, but it certainly can be done.

The way I look at it is this:

To get maximum 'bang' out of your first build, your woods and parts should be kept at a 'starter' level. No exotics, no fancy-schmancy parts or anything like that.

You need to have a good attitude, a learning attitude, an opportunity to take some chances for the learning experience, that's where you want the bang, in the LEARNING dept., not necessarily in the 'finished product' dept. You buy high dollar stuff, you get very cautious and scared and won't let yourself stretch out much. And if something tragic happens, you're madder than heck, so don't set yourself up for a big fall, keep it simple and cheap for the first one.

Your second effort you get way more serious about the particulars.

That's my view anyway. Worthless I'm sure.

What kinds of tools/shop you working with? :D

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Hey thanks for the quick reply. The distance is 12". Looks like a good true bolt on neck. It's a tune a matic bridge (I think that's what they're called). An adjustment for each string with knurled wheels to raise and lower it, on a wodden bridge. Has a Tremalo tailpiece also. I have a complete Epi 335 I got these parts with about 20 years ago. Been in a box ever since. Just like a novice, I didn't consider the arched top problem! Just normal hand tools, router, dremel, cheapo jig saw. (made a few bird houses haha). Raeady to buy what I need within reason though.

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Thanks for the advice. I'm gonna give it a try with some cheap wood and see how it comes out. The pic I saw of the Brian May guitar copies at http://www.brianmaycentral.com/copies.html look great. I can always get a 335 copy body and bolt a guitar together if this is beyond my skill level.

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