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volume boost?


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hey, i play in a metal band and i need something to boost my sound for when i play solos, so they are not overtaken by the rythem guitar. is there anything that will boost my siginal, give me more volume and maybe gain? would a overdrive pedal work? i know if you turn on a distortion pedal on while your amp is on distortion it will just make noise and feedback but would a overdrive pedal do this? any welp will be greatly apriciated.

thanks ,matt

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He's right, IMO at least, MOSFETs, JFETs and CMOS ICs all distort much more like tubes than bipolar transistors or diode clippers - unfortunately, they're all more linear than any tube ever made, and it's the non-linear response of tubes that makes them sound the way they do. You can get mighty close, though - go to Runoff Groove and check out their FET "amp simulators", in particular the Thunderchief, the Matchbox, the Double D and the Supreaux. The sound clips show how close you can get without digital modelling or any fancy circuit design. I still generally prefer real tubes, but I think you'll agree that they've gotten very close, and it's a lot easier to tote a couple of stompboxes than a couple of half-stacks.

For clean boost, it doesn't make much difference, but if there's any hint of overdrive, I'd go FET.

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this will work, also the afterburner from EMG, but I have no experience on this one and I heard that they make a lot of noise when engaged . What kind of amp do you have? A tube amp can be overdriven and still put a deacent sound, that's what Zakk and Yngwie do to get their sound, also a wah pedal will boost the signal, especialy if you get a Morley,
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