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  1. Not necessary and might make it impossible to get enough relief(though not likely), especially on a Maple neck. You might use them in a non-maple, baritone, or super thin neck.
  2. 22-26ga, stranded, cloth or pvc insulation. I'd recommend 22 or 24 gauge for the majority of the work and 26 for intricate connections. I use cloth wire on most of the wiring because it's easier to work with. I get it from Guitar Parts Resource but just because that's also where I get most of my other parts. Allparts has a decent price on it if you need a whole 25' roll of it($10 http://www.allparts.com/store/electronics-wire,Category.asp). If you just need enough to wire one guitar I'd get it from Best Guitar Parts, they have it for $0.45 a foot(http://www.bestguitarparts.com/guitar-part...overed_Wire.htm).
  3. It is odd to take apart a new guitar and sell it in pieces. The whole new guitar is only $1100
  4. Yeah >_> It's a good price. And you can put a new neck on it. Though apparently you'll need to ask the seller for the soul from the other neck or it won't play correctly with the new one.
  5. Black hardware. Maple neck. Pau ferro/rosewood/other medium brown wood for the fretboard.
  6. Though the girl works too if she's handy with a random orbit sander.
  7. Alnico magnets will age no matter what, but vibrations and the steel strings probably speed it up. If they're weak you can always re-magnetize them though. I'd be somewhat worried about corrosion in the wires in a 20 year old pickup, especially if it's not potted.
  8. It's not a good idea to take the finish off completely, unless you want to put something else on. That's why I suggested steel wool and not sandpaper, it cuts less. You can really dig in with it and not worry about sanding through. If you want to try sandpaper, you'd probably be safe with anything 1000+, just take it easy and check the feel as you go.
  9. I've had good results with 0000 steel wool or scotch brite on glossy necks to get them feeling good.
  10. Doesn't make sense for them to want to pay to ship a 50% heavier piece of wood either. Sounds like they're just making **** up so they don't have to admit they screwed up a rare top and misguided you into buying it.
  11. I thought Dimarzio wound their coils to equal resistance with different gauges of wire? Or is that just on certain models?
  12. Pickup height is crucial on a strat. I start with the neck pickup at the level of the pickguard and adjust the others for equal output from there, then tilt to get the strings pretty much even.
  13. Lmao, 6 just for the shoe headstock, and because it looks like the only one that might be playable. IMO it would have been better with a T-rex on it somewhere.
  14. With the blue, yes. With wood inserts, no.
  15. It was probably a foam mute like you see on Jaguars. Maybe the bridge buzzed and the owner's solution was to stick foam under there. Or he just wanted a muted sound...who knows. Are you going to refinish it while you have everything off?
  16. Probably a short like he said. The coil wire is contacting itself somewhere...giving only a fraction of the resistance and output. That'd have to be a factory defect though. I'm surprised it's just now cropping up. Maybe the wax was the only thing keeping it from shorting and over time the vibrations worked it into contacting another wire. Who knows. Take it out and check the resistance. Also make sure the white and black are still well-connected. If you're reading something significantly lower, it's definitely shorted. Too bad you're in the UK, it seems like Dimarzio should take responsibility for something like that. Perhaps this is a chance to try something new in that guitar? Maybe take what you didn't like about the Evo 2 and use that to pick an even better bridge pickup.
  17. That's the real problem - getting it to work with the blue. The pearl covers are inside the covers, which are attached to the pup bases. How would one safely detach the covers w/o dorking up the pups? Yeah, Kisekae just doesn't allow for a 3x3 headstock on the tele. Wasn't really set on the body shape either, just used it for the sake of demonstration.
  18. Not to mention the power you waste by turning it into heat. It'd be like a magic efficiency knob. Oh boy, turn it down to 0% efficiency and turn it into an easy-bake.
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