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  1. I got the wood for this and my San Dimas project finally! The lumber pile Alder body plank walnut and maple neck lams I decided to go with a 7 piece laminated core 1.5" deep (thick) to go with my 7 string configuration. I also think I will make them both a 26.5" scale rather than the 25.5" I originally had chosen. Im debating whether or not its would be necessary to add carbon neck reinforcements due to the added tension of the extra string and longer scale. Any insight? Things should really start progressing very quickly now. I ordered the rest of my shaping tools, truss rods,
  2. Finally bought the wood for this and my seven string project. Raw lumber from the yard including the stuff for my other project. The alder plank. The maple neck blanks the alder is a bit knotty, but I should be able to work around those spots fairly easily. Things will progress very quickly at first, but I dont think ill be finishing this for a while after I get the basics done. I also bought my shaping tools, fret wire and truss rods. Im looking into the fretboards. Im going use a compound radius, but Im not really up to trying to tackle that on my own so Ill probably end up o
  3. Ive seen that before. At school I think. The guy who designed it graduated from my school 4-5 years ago and left the original prototype mounted on one of the walls for a while. Ive been looking for his websight forever! Thanks man. I was referring to copywright regulations and similar issues when I mentiond the patents, because I was sure I wasnt the first to think of this.
  4. Thanks. Yeah thats exactly what i had in mind. Initially I was picturing this on a much larger scale, like for distribution in major guitar dealers (in theory), but like I said, I dont know if theres even a market for his kind of guitar or if people would chose to order this as opposed to a standard bolt on or neck thru guitar considering the price wouldnt be that much different if I was doing it all by hand. If it caught on tho, i might find myself in the guitar making business after all! Of course then Id need to start worrying about patents and all that political bs...
  5. I think if they were not in too close proximity and they were relatively weak magnets it wouldnt have any noticeable effect on the pickups, but I dont know for sure. Hopefully youll be seeing that sawdust a lot sooner than you think! Of course ive been saying that about my IM San Dimas for over 2 months now and I havent even shopped for wood yet...
  6. Thanks. Exactly the kind of response I was looking for. I still have to work out the electronics issues. I would really like to be able offer a core with a three pick-up configuration that would still compatible with the standard electronics setup of the bodies. Is there a feasible way of doing that? Maybe all bodies come with dormant female connections for a 3rd pickup which are only employed when the core is equipped with a third pickup and female connector? I may be getting into circuit programming territory here, which im really not interested in. I have a very basic understanding of guita
  7. Ok, well since this is an ever evolving idea and nothing physical has happened yet, I dont feel too bad throwing another wrench into the mix. The wild idea i had about making a purely "artistic" non-player version of this guitar is being scrapped. The guitar has become more conceptual in nature. Basically, the idea is now to have a guitar "core" which contains all major elements (headstock, tuners, nut,neck/fretboard, pickups, bridge, etc.) which bolts into an interchangable body variant made out of different materials which contains the other essential components (volume/tone controls, pi
  8. Yeah I have been to busy lately to work on it but I have been thinking of making a carved top like the Ibanez Prestige models, at least I think it is the Prestige, but I cut the binding strips smaller so I will see if those will bend now at some point this week. I think you mean RGA. Prestige is just what Ibanez uses to distinguish their "high end" models from their basic ones. Theres a "Prestige" variant for almost every model they make... Good choice! Its a subtle carve, which I really like.
  9. Oh, ok. That explains why the cut is so clean. Hope its healing nicely for you. I take it its not really affecting you too much anymore as your still building away. Keep it up man!
  10. Things shaping up nicely. I somehow missed this thread and just spent a few minutes browsing through it. Gnarly shoulder wound!!! How did that happen?!?! You may have already stated it somewhere but I guess I missed it. I was thinking about using those single string bridges on one of my projects. Where did you get them? And do you know if they come in Gold?
  11. Hello all, I have begun intensely preparing for a project I will be doing for school this term and Im finding that im in way over my head, or else Ive seriously lost my marbles. Maybe both. I have started a thread in "In Progress..." area with regards to my ideas for this build (see 'Giger 7 string' in my sig), but in a nutshell I need to figure out how to design and build a locking tremolo system or fixed bridge digitally (3d CAD) from the ground up. To put it in context, this is technically an "art piece" and will be applied to a non-working, solid resin guitar (body, neck, tuners, fre
  12. Truthfully, im no metal worker either. Ive got a tiny bit of welding and lathe experience, but nothing to give me the confidence that I could actually do this myself. I suffer from wanting to learn EVERYTHING and not have the time to learn anything... Im attempting to change that tho. Ideally the CAD data I come up with could be taken to a machine shop and the labor could be done by a professional (or a machine) if I do it right. I will be making the plastic parts myself tho. I will SLA (stereo lithograph) the components individually using the digital data, make moulds of each piece, and c
  13. Really nice work, and I love the woods you used. Dont take this the wrong way, but you really could to take some better pictures and filter thru them before posting. These dont do your work justice at all. Im not saying im a great photographer at all. I need to do the same. But im finding that good process pics can really make the build process beautiful in itself for your audience. I figure you might as well if youre taking the time to share at all. Just one mans opinion. Really nice guitar tho.
  14. I cant believe I somehow missed this build until now. Really nice! I love the idea of combing two relatively similar yet very different guitars. Its kind of like a Liger, "bread for it's powers in magic."
  15. Man, do you sell any of your builds? You must have an entire wing in your house to hold all of the guitars you've built by now! beautiful work as usual Mark!
  16. I'm not sure if that's what it is. The neck is authentic, but the body is something else. I have yet to find any surprises. Yeah, that body doesnt even look like an Ibanez. So what are your plans for this project? Did you check the scale length and all that stuff to make sure the body and neck are even compatible? Ibanez use a 25.5" scale on the RG, but given that the body is a mystery it could possibly have the bridge in the wrong location if the original guitar was much different than an RG. good luck with the build. Could be interesting.
  17. I dont know if it was intentional but thats a great pic! looks like a studio shot with that lighting and everything... I tend to notice those kinds of things, sorry. This should be a cool build. Cant wait to see it come together.
  18. Ok... Wow! Lot of changes already taking shape in this build. I just had this wild idea that I consider to be an epiphany to be honest. Im guessing the rest of you will think im nuts, but fortunately for me, this isnt your project! So I have all but decided that the acrylic will be for decoration only. I know its retarded, but hear me out! The wooden blank will be the player and will receive its deserved attention after I finish the "art piece" for school (keep in mind this IS an art and design school). Essentially the two will be made simultaneously anyway, but I have to focus my efforts
  19. We are officially GO for building!!! I ran it past one of my instructors that I was planning to do this build and he got all excited about it and wants to work with me. Its likely the design will change quite a bit and end up more on the 'extreme' side, cuz he will push me really hard to go above and beyond what my current expectations are for myself. A few things are already changing, bridge design not being the least of them. Ive been dong so much research in preparation for this build my head is spinning! I found out the ZR trem was actually introduced back in '03, but was probably not
  20. I couldnt figure out why I didnt like the graphic headstock... so I finally pulled my head out of my rear and realized the black Jackson graphic and the maple fingerboard just didnt match the overall theme very well. The ebony FB version of the original guitar uses abalone inlay dots, and it matches the mood of the body graphics much better. Still not sure I will actually use "Jackson", but it will definately be an abalone inlay instead of a black graphic. So I have basically decided to changes the roles of the twin builds at this point. The IM tribute version will incorporate the theme of the
  21. It wouldn't be the first time that happened. I guess to me it just seems like the 'weathering' to the guitar looks more intentional and controlled than that of the bass.
  22. That wasn't a poke at me was it? Anyway, if you do have access to some kind of photo editing software you can really play a lot with different options before you make any final decisions, and ive found you can better describe what you're talking about when asking for advice on this forum too. Good luck with the build!
  23. Ill be honest... The Strat/tele looks great! I really love the way it looks as is. Personally I think adding a distressed aluminum scratch plate and messing with the hardware will be overkill. The bass on the other hand... I think looked infinitely better as raw copper. I know aesthetics is subjective but it just looks cheap with the vinegar solution added. Just my two cents...
  24. As always, love it! I think I already mentioned it in this thread, but your attention to detail is awe inspiring!!! I love following your builds! I dont know how exact you were wanting this interpretation of a PRS to be, but if you were going for close to exact, I think the carve on the inner horns could use a little work, go a little wider (not deeper), if you know what I mean. Crow's carve is a pretty good example, compare the inner horns of yours and you'll see what Im talking about. But yours looks great either way.
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