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  1. The wood grain in that rosette is mesmerizing... looks good!
  2. love that pitch fork head stock... I've always been rough on head stocks i would always be scared i would bump into something... Awesome work
  3. Yeah the color of cedar usually holds and gets brighter Here are a few more... drilling the post holes the one on the right got a lil squirrely on me... the bushing covers it so im ok... sprayed some water on to see what she looks like...
  4. Gotta love ugly wood! Front and back roughed out...
  5. guitar2005, what do you think about the tone you get from cedar?
  6. Still going to get out the camera and try to get some better pictures than the ones from my phone... But I have already started the next build... I picked the worst looking boards I have... they almost have a spalted look to them.... I will turn them into something awesome lol...
  7. piercefield

    IMG 1168

    From the album: piercefield

  8. Not quiet ready for a GOTM RestoraionAD... Have a few more skills I want to acquire first but coming soon. I have 5 more projects I'm working. 4, string bass, 5 string bass, A strat style and an LP style... and finally a herringbone style acoustic with ambrosia maple sides and back... I will pick one that is worthy. guitar2005, The cream does do a certain justice...
  9. Thanks Scott, I agree with you, I am going to find some black knobs... that should give it a balance... Thing plays like butter...
  10. Well I wound up not binding the body... but I did do my first ever bound neck. Pretty happy with it overall. Not sure about the clear speed knobs...
  11. I've done roughly 10 now with just a roundover... they hold up fine.... But I have decided to go with walnut binding to keep the top flat with just a break edge. maple binding on the neck to give a reverse color scheme sort of... Waiting on the inlay to come in.... still have to cut the headstock, and shape the neck...
  12. piercefield

    IMG 1054

    From the album: piercefield

    Cedar tele with walnut/maple neck
  13. I've had good luck doing just a round over... but I'm leaning towards the binding just to keep the top flat. I have some black walnut strips already cut...
  14. From the album: piercefield

    I made this for a guy in trade for 5000 bdft of cedar... to make more guitars... lol
  15. From the album: piercefield

    Etched the horn and sides to resemble a gun stock
  16. Always wondered what a cedar tele would look like... what do you guys think... Walnut binding or 3/8" round over? tempted to do some type of carve but I think maybe that's too far out...
  17. piercefield

    cedar tele

    From the album: piercefield

    Starting a cedar tele
  18. I drew my dinky style 335 type body a few years back and had the cad drawings printed out in a vinyl printer. I made the internal template with wire channels and the external with bidge, pots and neck pocket... I never remember to use the internal and always drill the wire channel afterward lol... Because mine is semi hollow I drill off into the cavity... But I like your spade bit idea... I'll have to keep that in mind. Neck is awesome! I know you said don't get attached, but man! those woods match so nice it would look great natural and just black grain filler... It's hard for me to picture the black when it looks so good already but with the lighter neck binding i can see the black working too.. great job so far!
  19. I ran into the same problem on the buck guitar... i'm impatient at times, so I flattened the anti rotation lug to get enough height to get the nut and washer on.... I know, it will loosen over time... but man i wanted to hear it play lol...
  20. That neck is killer! can we get a close up?
  21. wow my freehand rotes are tighter than that... id be sending it back for a replacement
  22. Thanks for the compliments! The super brite tone very well could be the treble and presence both on 10, mid at 7 and bass at 5, carvin sx-200. I'm very proud of my son, he learned well...
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