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  1. Relicing doesn’t appeal to me. Neither does putting a Fender logo on a partscaster. I understand that some people find those things attractive. They’re not my personal choice.
  2. I buy sandpaper in rolls. The big rolls of cheaper paper are on a dowel roller which hangs on brackets over my workbench. It’s easy to slice a length off., or take the roller down if I need to cut carefully. The more expensive paper, for use on the lathe, comes on smaller rolls which stand on end in a box. Each has a paper wrapper with the grit size written on it, and an elastic band around it.
  3. I’ve played guitar for 50 years, and always done my own maintenance. There weren’t any guitar techs when I started. A couple of years ago I was challenged to build a Telecaster from a kit. After that I started to build my own guitars, about one a year, changing the design each time to get closer to an ideal gigging guitar. That’s more about function than looks. Binding, for example, reduces the damage when you knock your guitar against something hard. Pickup switching options increase the range of sounds, meaning fewer guitars to carry. Two years ago I started make headless guitars. Thei
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