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    Bass, guitars, I've a few instruments I need to restore - a 1990 USA Standard Tele and an explorer bass I had built years ago. Both nearly stripped and getting ready to refinish.<br><br>I intend to make my own Strat and thinline Tele one day - or a maybe a strat with an f-hole... Actually started on a first complete build - a neck through vee.<br><br>Like an assh@le at woodwork at school, so need to get really Zen about patience and application. Happier fiddling with the electrics!
  1. Very useful link - many thanks for posting!
  2. Anyone have a good mp3 backing track of parisienne walkways? Cheers, Me Sorted now - thanks anyway!
  3. My Latest recording, a rant about the way that we poor nicotine addicts are being treated in the UK, is on sale. Bit Ramones-ish maybe, who knows. The third track on the EP - "Cwm Curri" - was a hoot to do. It's about 20 of me performing in the style of a Welsh Male Voice Choir, singing the Welsh Hymn "Cwm Rhondda" with new words about eating Curry. The whole thing can be got from my website.
  4. Anyone know if there are any TurboCad tutorials for getting it to print out 1-1 accurately, or even to get measurements off the drawing?!?! f@!<ing program...
  5. Songs From the Long land - my CD
  6. I think they got lost in the board transfer Brian. Loads of avatars have wandered off into the sunset too...
  7. That wasn't a fixed price, someone just bid on it This one is $6,99 with a buy it now option $6.99 accoustic i know, I read it wrong. But it got the compo rolling
  8. Like the tele apart from the scratchplate, which lets it down in my view. The strat... well I never saw him live. My only real memory of Rory is jamming with him (or rather, he jammed with me - I was playing first!) in a music store in London. I was twanging an Alembic Omega bass while my own custom job was being packaged, and he came in and tried a Fender Esquire. A gentleman.
  9. my thanks too. I do hope Brain adds/moves these to a more permanent location on the main site - it's easier to refer to.
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