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  1. thegarehanman, what do you think of the tonal differences between a single action truss rod and a dual action truss rod?
  2. You can buy that liquid stuff for dipping tool handles in and dip the copper in that to give it a nice, soft, rubbery coating. Of course, maybe some duct tape or electrical tape could serve the same purpose?
  3. Cripes. We prove once again that members of the project guitar forum can get way out of hand way quick! You guys are all nuts. I love the GOTM because to me, someone wouldn't enter if they weren't proud of their work and it didn't represent some of their best work. I loved all the guitars this month, and I'm not one to nitpick on other people's guitars. Most folks are their own worst critics anyway. I will admit to picking xlr8's guitar, because I love Les Pauls. Its the one I would pick up first in a guitar store. They all look like great guitars. Someday, I hope to make a guitar even half as good as ANY of these.
  4. Actually, I read somewhere that Gibson's CEO and the judge that decided against PRS had golfed together previously. I don't know whether its true, but I'm glad PRS won. The guitars, while both sharing many similarities, are easily distinguished by all but morons.
  5. I made one of these tools today. Man, I'm proud. Its the first woodworking project I've actually finished. LOL. I was getting ready to glue on my cloth and happened to see the duct tape out of the corner of my eye. I did Red Green proud! Let me tell you, there was a kitchen hand towel breathing a sigh of relief! Also, my file was too wide to pound into the groove I cut, so I took a second pass at it. Now the groove was just slightly too wide. Fortunately, I had some epoxy on hand. Anyway, thanks for posting your tutorial Brian! It's helped to build my confidence with my table saw a little bit, too. It only cost me 6 bucks to build! Next, I'm going to make the fret bender.
  6. I really liked Godin's guitar the best, but man, they are all cool. I don't like cops all that much, but I have to admit that Stew's copper strat looks pretty darn cool.
  7. Whew. That's a relief. My piece of Limba is 12" x 60". I should have plenty. The other side looks to be about 20" x 5.5". Cool, I just figured I have enough limba left for another regular guitar, maybe a strat or LP Jr? Here's what I'm thinking for my moderne project (sorry for the poor quality, I did this in photoshop in 5 minutes just to get an idea for the look): Black Limba body with semi-carved walnut top, indian rosewood neck with cocobolo fretboard. I already have the Limba and the rosewood.
  8. The link doesn't work because you either have never been a GOTM winner (like Toddler has) or haven't donated (like I have). I created this from a TIFF off the government patent site. moderne.pdf On a somewhat related topic, what size (length x width) piece of wood would you need for the top side?
  9. OK guys, did you notice that Brian's tool has two working surfaces? One at almost 90 degrees so that you file the sides of the frets, and then turn it around and its at 35 degrees for the fret bevel. His is a recreation of the stew-mac tool, hence going the "long way around". Also, what is the "grit" of the file you guys are using? I would think fairly fine?
  10. Dan Erlewine built a guitar made out of one piece of wood (if memory serves). It's been done. Check out Dan's forum at www.lespaulforum.com (his is a subforum).
  11. My name is Cody, I'm 31, Married with two children, work as a Computer Programmer, and have been playing guitar since I was 15. I've modified several guitars, put together two from USA Custom Guitars parts, and am in the process of building my first. I have the body 50% done and realized I really need a bandsaw and drill press, along with a decent dust collection system. Also, I've decided that templates really aren't a waste of time.
  12. All 4 guitars look very well built. However, I'm not a big fan of the metal look nor do I care for headless guitars. I'm not voting on the best guitar, I'm voting on the guitar I like the best. I have no idea which is the best guitar. I only know that after you build your first guitar, only then do you start to get an idea of how hard it is to build a quality instrument. Guys like Perry make it look so easy. Congratulations to everyone for having the courage to enter and for having the tenacity to follow through.
  13. Wow, this was hard. I picked Godin's guitar, becuase if these guitars were hanging on a store's wall, his would be the first one I picked up. However, I'd probably want to take them all home. Good work guys!
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