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  1. Binding! Route a binding channel or whatever, and put binding on it.
  2. None of these guitars make me jump up and down with joy, but UncleJs seems the best to be, so yeah.
  3. Mattia, ALL THE WAY. Such a beautiful instrument. It makes me smile.
  4. Plenty of tutorials here for the body and here for pickups
  5. Gaw, I'm torn between Cud and BigD. I love the top on BigD's, and the finish on Cud's is amazing. I vote for BigD. >__>
  6. Oh man, that looks great. That should look amazing when you stain/paint it.
  7. Umm, pal, he wants you to record a solo over the backing track he provided. Not post your own songs... Anyway, if I can get to my friends house where he's got a decent mic, maybe I'll record something. EDIT: Erm, the download doesn't work?
  8. Depending on what gague of string you use, you may need to file out the string slots a bit on the nut also. Other than that, I'm assuming that's all you need to do. There may some tutorials on the net, but, I really don't feel like searching.
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