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  1. Just getting round to check this. I have very little experience with any cad programs so the simpler the better. I have mdf templates that i've made already but looking for something a little more precise.
  2. I'd like to order some acrylic templates and curious where to do so. Also what programs are you guys using to render body/ neck shapes when you order, Thank you,
  3. Did you use the Tengda Single bridge or is it the mera ?
  4. Seeing this build makes me want to try and build a guitar fully by hand. Absolutely stunning craftsmanship!
  5. and some more pictures... And a little primer plus you can see my homedepot build body curing in the background
  6. Havent posted on here in a while work has been crazy and very little progress had been made on #8 and 9 however i found time to get another guitar further than those 2 are and now #10 is something completly differnt than originally intended. A few Weeks back I went to sweetwater's gear fest and fell in love with a guitar but couldnt bring my self to spend the money on the price tag just yet so i thought i would try and make something similar and if I don't love it as much as the one i played there ill just order it.
  7. I saw some one else on here or sso that had a similar jig so I had to make one it's a great idea! A router sled isn't terrible for cutting scarf joints it just takes some time to get the Jig set up properly and of course actually cut the scarf. Where are you located there may be somebody from this group that is close by that wouldn't mind helping you outmind helping you out
  8. A good question to ask is what tools do you have available to you already? you could make quite a few jigs your self just do a search on the o'l Youtube to get some idea of how to build them. If you're looking for cheap alternatives check amazon you can get pretty cheap parts on there, they may not be the best quality but at least you're not spending an arm and a leg to get your first guitar done. As for wood there are some different options check local lumber store or hardwood store depending where you're located. My local Menard's gets figured timbers in quite often so i always go there and rummage through what they have. Take a look at my "home depot challenge" thread for an example. Another option is join some of the guitar building groups on face book often times you'll see builders that have an over supply of timber that theyll sell off pretty cheap. This group has a lot of wonderful knowledge! and welcome to this expensive and addictive hobby! ( you cant build JUST ONE)
  9. Rockhorst do you have a table saw? if so you can make a jig that rides in your miter slot that will make cutting the joint a lot easier and needs just a bit of sanding to clean it up!
  10. If you have a machine shop close by you could have a bridge made. if you look through my threads I have a post about a headless guitar that im making with a home made headless system. I asked a local machine shop what it would cost to have a couple made because quite frankly im a terrible machinist and dont want to spend the time making any more and they said it would run about 150- 175 usd to have them made which is quite a bit cheaper than ordering one. Once I'm finished with the build im going to post files so people can use the design.
  11. I really cant wait to see this with the binding all scraped the anticipation is killing me Scott! I've been wanting to try and build an acoustic and seeing this project is making me want to do it that much more.
  12. The motor mount ended up getting loose causing to much slack in the drive belt. Thanks for the advise guys! Looks like I need to order some new guides for my blades, the current ones are plastic and the blade has heated up enough to miss shape the current ones. I just Picked up this band saw a couple weeks ago and haven't had much time with it. I didn't think id have a learning curve with the new saw.
  13. ive made several relief cuts and the blade keeps binding and not wanting to cut. I've got a brand new blade on the band saw
  14. So my band saw is having some issues cutting the ash. I've used ash before and never had this much difficulty cutting it out, do you guys have words of advice or any tips you can share with me?
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