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buying metal


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What kind of metal ? Some kinds you can get all over the place. I've been going nuts trying to get nickel-silver bar and rod stock at a good price.

Problem is that the companies that actually make the metal stock only sell 20 pounds or more minimum.

Most cities have metal scrap dealers that can be good, *if* they have the type of metal you want, and a size close to what you want, if not exact.

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soapbar - are you looking for large sizes or something that could be used for inlay? You may already know of these people but here's a decent supplier for inlay sized material (Santa Fe).

(I don't know if you meant that you wanted nickel/silver combination or separate bars - they sell nickel and silver but I don't think they sell it as nickel/silver combination such as fret wire is made of. Is alloy the right term for this?)

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I'm looking for the same material as fret-wire, but to use for other parts of the guitar.

As for the guy who wrote the starting post, I don't know what kind of metal you want, but there's all kinds of places like these :




A lot of harware and home repair shops have some brass and aluminum, in case that's what you're looking for.

Highway/traffic signs are usually made of thin aluminum. But that's just a fun fact. you can't go stealing them and turning them into guitar parts.

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1st of all were in the world are you, it will be pointless for me to say go to Ace or Home Depot if you are in Europe! If you are in the USA, go to ACE as Wes point out or to LOWES. I think that LOWES or Home Depot will have a bigger variety than ACE. From Aluminum to Brass to Steel. Shop aroung and save yourself the shipping and handling fees.

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