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Duplicarver-Pantograph Router?

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A buddy of mine who builds antique furniture was telling me about a device called a "Duplicarver Machine"

From what I understand this is a also known as a Pantograph Router

This a very low tech but effective concept.

Apparently you can accurately duplicate any 3D object

I guess the way it works is that you guide a stylus over your original master and it removes the excess stock from your duplicate

So, in theory, you could make exact copies of any type of Guitar body, neck, headstock, etc

Has anyone heard of this or used it?

I would be interested in hearing about your experiences



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hey is there plans out there that i could get to build one of these? and about how much do they go for?$

rye :D

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there are 2 companies that make them that i know of...one is the link that brian showed by allred.....thats the one i ordered....the other company name i forget right now, terre something.....theirs are a lot cheaper than the allred and doesnt come with the router and some other things. i went with allred for the precision and durability....i got the 3 hp router upgrade and some custom bits..almost all companies have one of these machines.....jackson has one that carves 2 necks at once......basically, its a stylus that moves over a object and a router comes and cuts a block of wood to match...im sure its not hard for a machine shop to make one, im sure ill draw up plans and have a local shop make another one

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They are a bit tricky to set up at first and ok to do things like the trem cavity for a Jemstyle body but other than that the only other use would be a carved top and trust me since you have to put up with a smaller router on the arm side they can burn up bits and can make for some serious dust.

Still if your into making bodys or other things on a regular basis I would recommend one and yes I've used an industrial sized one before. Stick around maybe somebody will post the directions on how to build your own.

One last comment, they do take up a lot of room in the shop :D

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yeah they are big....the one i got is super big, weve been trying to figure out where to station it for ease of flow....its a good thing we have plenty of room....

we are just using it to do necks and some contours until all the 3d cad programs are done...but it should be able to handle whole guitars(with the upgrade), i know a couple companies that using it for that...plus ill use it mainly to make templates....scott will be stationed there all weekend transfering from plywood to plexiglass templates....our library of templates has expanded so much now its scary....scary for scott that is

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geeze....lets see

kramer pacer, circa 1981

kramer 5150

kramer hot for teacher

kramer frankie ad

kramer baretta, circa 1983

kramer baretta circa 1984

kramer baretta 2

kramer pacer

kramer pacer 2

kramer nightswan

kramer telecaster

fender telecaster

warmoth strat

charvel strat

charvel green meanie

charvel jake e lee

kramer star

warmoth explorer

jackson vinie vincent vee(scotts fave)

performance flame

ibanez jem

ibanez universe

ibanez rg(rear and top rout)

ibanez jpm


ernie ball evh

and im working on the old racer x series and the winger explorer and whatever else i forgot to list

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I'm thinking a simple version of that machine would come in handy some day. it definitely would simplify the process of copying a body...

I think I'll have to start designing a simple rig for doing just that... :D

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hey scott i was thinking, since your gonna be very busy getting to know your new machine . do you think it would be possible (if yo have the time of course) to take maybe a picture of each side of this tool? i have an uncle who is a machinest and also a genius and he said he would help me build one, but he needs some pics to start designing from.

if you could i would really appretiate it, but i dont want you to get in trouble so only do it if youre allowed.

thanks rye :D

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What is it with KISS & their signature guitars being sooooooooooo stupid looking

Let me break it down for you all:

Gene Simmons: Kramer AXE Bass & "The Punisher"

Vinnie Vincent: Jackson Double V

Paul Stanley: Washburn "Signature Iceman rip-off" & Now those STUPID Silvertone (Samick) Guitars

Ace: Washburn "Ace" Signature model (IMO the WORST of the BUNCH)

Notable acceptions are:

Paul's Iceman (but it was already in production & therefore he can't take credit)

Ace's Les Pauls (However, he looses points for the stupid Gibson signature model with the lightning bolt inlays & his face on the headstock)

Please let me know if I am forgetting any of the KISS masterpieces out there!!! :D


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If you are looking for an inexpensive duplicarving table you might be interested in this... www.copycarver.com... I am putting the finishing touches on the table as you read this.. I'll let you know if it is worth the time & $$$... It is large and ugly, but the principal seems very straight forward...

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there you go for the guy that wanted to make one......the one thing i was **** about was tolerances and exactness.....which is why i went with allred.....and after unpacking it and setting it up, im glad i did.....there are a lot of measurements to worry about in setting up, not to mention a level table....even the crate it came in was remarkably built....i doubt there are many machine shops that could duplicate it for that much of a savings

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a first review.....

this is made with unbelievable tolerances....its rock solid....everything is machined perfectly.....these guys really know what they are doing......the travel of the arm and router is very smooth......there is no doubt this machine will last a long time......the whole thing appears to be made out of steel.....

for some reason(im odd this way) the box it shipped in impressed me alot.......id like to hire whoever made that box...the skill that went into it was amazing....and plenty of wood screws holding it together.....which i salvaged cuz im cheap......plenty of poplar in the box to hold things down.....imay use the box for a nice planter or something

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im still getting used to it...the big thing is setting it up.....you have to have the necks or anything you carve ligned up perfectly and then clamped down...takes a few minutes...i probably need to get a few more bit/follower sizes.....i did a couple of necks today......ive got about 10 to do tomorrow.....they came out pretty nice so far

im not really going to do any bodies with it......im pretty fast on the pin router with bodies.....i may do the countours on it though....if its faster than how i do them now

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