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Building Your Own Pedals


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Have a look at the "House of Jim" - gonna have to be a google job.

www.diystompboxes.com <-----or something like that, they have PCB's too

Talk to ansil, he'll probably be able to help you out

Hope this helps, I had to search parts of my memory that haven't been used for some time so I'm not sure if the links are going to be absolutely right.

Good luck dude, I'll be doing this after the guitars (and the amp) are finished :D

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depends on what you want kit wise what kind of effect. i sell kits for 90% of everything i make.

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What stuff do you make Ansil?

my shop description is custom audio electronics and repair. i do everything from tubeamps to standard run of the mill clones of older fx all they way to motorized control knobs on existing pedals and repairs go from a standard ts9 all they way to an electric wheel chair.

as far as my pedals this is a site i took over with a friend of mine as he decided he didnt' want to build anymore and i threw all my pedals up there.



my rose pedal is a mosfet ts9 type pedal [simialr in freq range and roll off and control style]

My wah is based around the bad horsie without all the cmos stuff and with my mods as well as the envelope control that adjusts freq range and gain by how hard you play.

the Sexed is a medium gain device suitable for being a distoriton od pedal or rocking a 4*12.

a few not listed is the updated casseteoplex [an echoplex type design using casettes foot control for speed settings and optional foot control for volume.]

the acid rain is a pseudo ring modulator on crack.

cowbox is a booster that will fuzz out when saturated.

TanA** is a dual booster that is setup cascading like and overdrive.

Midtallica [has to be renamed obviously due to legal concerns] is a switchable happy sad eq pedal already dialed in.

Focal wah is a wah in a box wiht no expresion pedal you set it via the knob on top

sampler is a 20seocnd lofi sampler.

i do a few others as well. but thats just a quick and dirty description more on the sit.e

ALSO i have had the pleasure of doing business with IndyGuitarist and would do so again in a heartbeat as he was very pleasant to deal with and a nice fellow all around.

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If you're looking for "paint-by-number" kits, they're not as easy to find as they once were. Midwest Analog offers a really nice, very quiet compressor kit, Small Bear has a couple of interesting kits on their list, PAIA has kits for the projects in Craig Anderton's Electronic Projects For Musicians and a few guitar-oriented low-voltage tube projects, and Tonepad and General Guitar Gadgets offer a good selection of ready-to-solder boards if you're ready to hunt down the components on your own. And finally, Aron's Diy Stompboxes site has an entire forum dedicated to getting noobs through their first project successfully. For more info, see RG Keen's GUITAR EFFECTS FAQ at GeoFex, and be sure to read Aron's Skills you need page. And remember, you probably can't build a commercial effect for the price you can buy it for, but you can build something completely unique and suited to your personal needs. HTH.

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Do you also do complete custom orders Ansil? I'm wuite interested now lol :D.

yes i do just email me as i dont' want to get in trouble here on the forum since i do run an fx business.


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Ansil, I loved the sound that you got out of that wah on the track 02 , I guess it's the BH one you mentioned above, Is there a way t omod a Dunlop Cry Baby to emulate this sound or close to it. Here is my set up, so far I got the Epi w/EMG ZW set, a GNX1 and the Crate MX120R, I also have a DaddyO and the crybaby. In the way either an

MTS 3212 or MTS 412 depending on budget. I got a few of the sites that lovekraft has pointed in the past, also I am in the middle of checking all the hits in a google search, If you can mod this pedal to sound like yours PM or e-mail, thanks.

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in short yes it can be done to a degree' change the inductor basically strip the whole crybaby board and redo it from the ground up.. let me know if its a two transistor or three transistor and email me at


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