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Um... :D

What's an AANJ?


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Ah! Cheers Scott!

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Be careful!

Are you putting an AANJ Neck on the body being modded?


I want to put one on as stock guitar. If your interested, its a Yamaha RGX121, pretty low end model, be good by the time I'm finished with it. Why do I need to be careful?

Thanks all.

P.S Thanks Project Guitar, I found Universaljems.com through you. That site is ace!

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I cannot remember where I saw it, but recently I saw one of Vai's axes that had been converted to an AANJ.

Of course, with Ibanez luthiers on call, it makes it a little bit easier.

Most probably, they took an AANJ neck, and re-worked the body...

But as you can see from the JEMSite link above, it looks like it could be done.

Good luck!

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I did this to an old RG550 body from eBay. It really wasn't that hard and holds solid as a square joint. The hardest thing was drilling the recessed holes for the neck screw ferrules.59926848cNhdAP_ph.jpg

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