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Neck Screw Spec ?

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ok, i am refinishing my Charvel model 1 and i lost a neck screw while the guitar was diassembled.(duh)

my local music store does not keep them in stock. I'll go to my local hardware store to try to get one and i would like to know the common size and thread per inch. (so it would be easier to get one)

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stewmac would sock him with a $30 minimum order. I doubt the hardware store will have the right size. The old Fender screws were sheet metal screws. The oldest I have are from an early 80's fender, which look pretty much the same as all the ones you buy from stew-mac etc. I do not know if these more current ones are also sheet metal screws.

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allparts have fender replacement screws the size is #8 * 1 3/4" and my screws appear to be "near" #10 size.

I say 'near" because it the neck screw seems to be a little bit bigger than the #10 i found at a local bolts/screws store. they told me that they didn't have them in stock but they could order it. The thing is, i really don't think they would order 1 screw...(even 4 if i change all of them. it is probably sold in box of 100 or more. Plus, i didn't tell them that it was a little bit bigger than #10, so maybe the just can't get them anyway.

it sucks

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