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Wooden Pickup Covers

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Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows of a project or thread that covers the construction of (or information on where I can get) wooden pickup covers. These are largely found on high end bass guitars. I did a search and found threads on how to make the rings, but not the actual cover itself. I'm in the process of making a custom 6 string bass and wanted to add that kind of high end touch if possible.

Thanks in advance everyone..javascript:emoticon(':D')


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As a project or a thread on the subject you can look at my webpage. The one listed at the bottom of this post. You'll find all the details of the build of the bass and pictures of the wooden cover but no pics of the building of the cover itself.

There's nothing extremely challenging there. I took a leftover piece of my body and shaped it to fit in the rout. My cover is 4mm thick (about 5/32")

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I didn't see any pickup covers there. Are you talking about your electronics cavity cover? I'd also like more info on this. I don't think it'd be very difficult, but the only ways I can think of involve more than one piece of wood, or high speed routers on very small pieces of wood (I don't want to lose a finger thanks, my thumb isn't even finished healing from "The Tablesaw Affair") :D. By the way, that's a very nice bass Phil. Is that your first build?

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Oops! I misread here, I thought he meant electronics cover and not pickup.

Well, anyway I will build a pickup cover in wood anyway. The bass was finished this week I only need to build the pickup and its cover and the preamp now. I'll take some pics of the building of the cover if you want to check back again within 4 to 7 days.

Devon, that is my first build.

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unless you want to mess around with veneering the pickup it's self, or trying to glue together an incredibly fragile box made of veneer then the easiest option is to rout.

this would be the most practical and safest way i can think.

get a scrap peice of wood that's more then big enough, measure the outside of the pickup for depth, and exact measurements. now using 4 peices of wood or something as your template guide's double stick those onto the wood as your template to make the box, then route at appropriate depth (probably take you a couple of passe's) now make sure the pickup fits in there snug, but not to tightly... ok, so you should have a fairly big peice of wood that was easy to clamp while routing, that now has a route in it, (no a hole that goes all the way thru) measure out another box 2mm or so bigger then the route, and cut just outside that line on your band saw/scroll saw, then sand to final shape, being sure to measure carefully every 10 or 20 seconds of sanding to make sure you don't sand those walls down too thin...

hope that was clear... unless of course you have a cnc machine then just press the green button :D

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Well it took me more than 4 to 7 days (20 to be exact) but i've got the pictures I promised.

They've been done exactly like Krazy Derek mentioned, I don't see many other ways of doing it...

I used a big piece of Olive tree I got on my last trip to the south of France a couple of months ago.


I first marked the lines for the outside and the inside of the pup cover and cut out the inside very carefully. After that I measured the height of the part of the pickup's pole pieces that come out of the bobbin. I then routed this inside the pickup cover to allow the pickup to lie completely flat inside the cover.


I then cut out the cover with a hacksaw and sanded the cover down to shape with my portable beltsander. I clamped my belt sander on the workbench and shaped the cover by moving it with my hands.



I left 1.5 mm of wood at the thinnest part of the cover, right on top of the pole pieces. I also covered the cover with epoxy to strenghten it and give it a nice shine :D


The End.

Hope you liked my story B)

P.S. No, I didn't pay 100$ for crappy pickups like that, I made them.

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