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Evh Or Veneer And Burst?


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a while ago i go a Jackson RRV that was dinged to hell for a project and finally im thinking abotu getting around tro painting it with xmas break on its way, but i dont know what i should do. Ive got it narrowed down between an EVH style paint job or putting on a veneer,then staing and doing a burst. Either of those would be a welcome upgrade from the dinged blue finnish thats there right now.

on a side note if i was ere to do an EVH stle job on it id fill the neck pickup hole since its been empty since i got it, butif i did a veneer id prolly get another pickup for it.

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How's about a veneer and a fade y'know... where one end of the guitar is the color then fade to black? I think that'd look pretty sweet on a V... black wingtips.

Just me rambling again.

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well i was leaning towards the EVH and it loks like that is the msot popular....it'll also be alot cheaper adn easier then a burst. Now the fun task of sanding the finnish off......wich will takee forever the jacksons have a Thick finnish.

paint stripper works well. Like gunk off or ZIP STRIP. i can strip a hole guitar in about 3 hours, effortlessly

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well i forgot was a "reading day" before finals so i have no classes , and i decided with the free time i would start the long annoying task of stripping my V, well i was in for a great suprise. i was taking all the hardware of the body and while doing so i chipped off a little of the paint well i kept picking and the top color color peels right off from the sealer coat so with a swiss army knife (a paint scrapers blade is too thick) i am able to peel it right off i startewd 5 seconds ago and this is wat it looks like, so this job looks like it will be very very easy....doesnt say much for jackson though.



lmao wow i should pay more attention to my typing

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