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Stain Vs Dye


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great !! thx for the reply

that being said, which to do you think then would be a "better" choice to do like a "tiger-eye" effect on a figured maple piece.. the dyes i've tried seem to go on "light" and i've had rub them in a couple of time to get a good color... dunno if maybe i just need to change the concentration of the dye..

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Stains add material to the top of the wood, which can cover up grain (either good or bad).

Dyes soak into the wood, letting the grain show through (again for good or bad). I like dyes better. They also are often available in a wider range of colors.


I'm under the impression that stains and dyes act the same in wood, as a matter of fact a stain is a dye.

For the Tyger eye, there are a few things to do, I bet you are using regular wood stain! Try to get a hand on this ones the are far better than regular stains. And to bring the figure of the wood, try the stain black sand back technique. It has been talked over here zillion times so just do a search. you can also rubb the stain in and wipe a lot of times and you can get the same effect like Myka and Perry had done, but I think that you have to be realy good to do it this way. What ever you do is up to you, good luck

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I've had issues myself regarding what's a stain and what's a dye.

I've read info that deals with each as separate items as DannoG stated and info that refers to the same item as stain and dye in the same article such as the link to the stew-mac site.

Hard to get the low-down on what's what but my impression is that stains & dyes are two different things and react differently with wood grain but I'm no expert.

I'm anxious to see what the experienced people around here have to say on this topic.

As for the dyes needing several coats to get the desired tint, I've seen people post here (Drak was one if I remember right) that it's usually neccessary to use the highest recommended concentration suggested to achieve the best color.

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there is a book


at under $12 it may be the best money you ever spend.it discusses stain vs dye plus MANY other subjects and will completely destroy alot of myths that get passed around the internet...the best thing is that the guy writes it with no biases whatsoever about any method of finishing(brushing,spraying,etc..)

drak reccomended it to me(and everyone else on this forum many times)but apparently nobody takes good advice around here :D

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