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Possible Swirl tip...

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Hey guys, i was reading some of the threads about swirling, and i had an idea...

Okay, so you put the paints on the water surface, swirl 'em about, dip the guitar, then blow a little hole on the water surface so the guitar can have a clean exit, right? Well, to save yourself and others some time and exhaustion in the 'blowing a hole in the paint' part, couldn't you just use a hair dryer to quickly clear the water's surface?

And could you even use the hair dryer to swril the paints around before you dip the guitar?

Just a thought, let me know if these ideas would work :D !


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:ph34r: you probably couldn't swirl the paint with the dryer as you usually need something physically moving through it

and if it did work you would get really boring patterns no intricate detailed swirls :D

an idea i've been kicking round is after you dip the guitar in

what if you used something to suck the paint out like a pump or something?

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wouldnt the fumes from some paints and a hair dryer end up causing more of a burnt finish on you your shop and possible other insurance/legal complications? :o

Sparks from electric motors and anything combustible is bad B) , add the heat of the hair dryer and i see a possible complication? :D

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