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7 string

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hmm i just thort that cos u hav a a lower string u needed a baritone neck to keep its tension ( i think i read something like that on the ESP website )

i cnt member l0l i mite make a replica of Stephen Carpenters &-string baritone its got like a scale length of 30 or sumint crazy like that

l :D

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:o holy cow :o i thought Glenn from JEMSITE had the coolest jem custom out there, but that one takes the cake!!

mucho props to CEREALK!! :D

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Yes, I've seen that custom blue swirl JEM on some other forums and it's one of the coolest I've ever seen.

Warmoth's 7 necks are 25" and Ibanez makes longer scale 27" 7's so scale length is wide open.

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