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How To Make A Miter Box For A Stewmac Saw

Daniel Sorbera

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I have been pondering this idea for a while. The LMI one looks like it is a slightly better design IMO and would be easier to build. Honestly though, for the money it would cost you to buy the materials to build it right you could buy a couple of pre slotted boards. I decided that I am going to hold off on building one for this reason. You could always just construct a straightedge and use that. Cudbucket used this method on his project with good results. Look here

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ya i'm probally going to just use a straight edge thingy.  I would buy a pre slotted board except I am doing a custom scale legenth, and the peice of cocobolo (super dark cocobolo) I bought for the finger board is just deadly :D  B)  :D  It's a drooler.

I just bought a preslotted 26 fret rosewood FB from LMI and if I'm not mistaken, they can make it just about any scale. Mine was 25.5" scale but with 26 frets it was too long for a standard blank, so they used a bass FB. Yes, the only problem is that you can't choose the exact piece of wood you want (don't even know if they carry Cocobolo), but it comes slotted and radiused - they charge extra for each and all told it cost me $35. Well worth avoiding the slotting/radiusing headache as far as I'm concerned.

Not to mention they are a pleasure to work with. They could not have been more considerate and helpful. BTW, I do not work for LMI :D

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