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JEM911USA is completed in time for 4th of July!!!!

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I can't believe it, it's finally done, it plays amazingly!!!! the only things I need to do is get a different color switch tip, and get a 43mm locknut :D. I CAN"T BELIEVE IT"S DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





I'll take some new pics of it in the sunlight tomorrow, can't get decent pics of it in the house, so better pics will be up tomorrow B)!!!!!!!!

Now, for some thank you's to the people that helped make it happen

Eddie Kolesar at EKG for the Mahogany body (which incidentally sounds way brighter than the Alder VWH bodies)

Darren Johansen at About time designs for the kick ass swirl!

Jon Rayl at Guitar Center Minneapolis for the Pickups

Butch Slusher for the Trem

and of course the USA for the inspiration. My true dream is still to live there, I only hope it comes true one day soon :D


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Simply Amazing... :D It's nice to see someone who truly appreciates the good old USA. I think a lot of people that do live here end up unfortunately taking it for granted, I know I sometimes do. Anyway, I think that guitar is just awesome. B):D

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USA rocks, although it does breed some real assholes, but ya gotta balance the ups and downs. I like it here.

Now, will someone help me fit my tongue back into my mouth? I'm drooling like a faucet here. :D

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obviously a quality instrument, and the work on it seems professional without doubt, and its a touching sentiment that it was about your friends and 911 and all that ...

but please dont shoot me down in flames .... :D

but purely from an aesthetic point of view .... i think it looks awful, the paintwork is far to busy, and the Headstock is just manic

but hey !!

more power to ya B)

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I'm guessing you don't like any graphic or swirl finishes do you? Probably a sunburst les paul guy?

Be nice. I don't know the guy, but it's possible to like multiple things. I hate swirls, like graphics and love transparent finishes with highly figured tops.

just not all on the same guitar.

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well i have to say, simply incredible.


you have out done yourself, i am touched how someone, not even a citizen, could love something so much. if the people here, had half the nad you do, America would be great again.

really stellar work man, really :D

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