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well... it takes a bit of skill and practice.... hence they cost about 120$... you can probably read up on it and do a "good enough" job if it's just for you, as far as tools, you'll want some good plyers, and i would recomend getting your hands on a arbor with the correct sized caul insert for the radius of your necks, it'll make things alot easier once you get to leveling and such..... but they run about 45$ and you have to have a drill press to mount it in... not to mention if they're non-new necks you'll have to make yourself a neck caul to support the neck. and then on top of all that crap you still have to get some frets lol

gl though....

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If you want the most basic tools you should have a radiused sanding block for your fret board, a pair of curved end plyers to help pull the old frets and cut the new ones, a bag of sand or dirt to support the neck and a rubber mallet or leather head hammer plus about 6' of fret wire. That will get get the job done the old way and takes time.

The modern way would be to use the same tools krazyderek listed. There are several on and off site tutorials on the subject if you would like to learn more before getting started.

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