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Re-finishg Quilt

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I have a pretty dark red quilt maple flat-top les paul. But I'm not too happy with the quilt's deepness. The quilt is beautiful, all bookmatced and looks to be having the potential to have a real deep 3D to it. I thought of sanding the body, then applying some real dark stain, then sand it and then refinish it with red stain and clear (and maybe adding a lil' burst in the process).

But the thickness of the top veneer is really scaring me off. It's paper thin, I have a feeling that when I stain it and try to sand it, I'll go right through it. Any pointers? Bad idea?



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I think ESP would tell you what the guitar is made out of, just dont mention the re-finish!

A Veneer IS a thin peice of wood, you didnt mix up your words.

My friend has an ESP like that, same colour and hardware, although i think his is the EC1000, its a carved top anyway. Very nice guitar.

Erm, yes, you wont know if ESP will give you the info unless you ask them. That seems to be your best bet. (well to me it seems like that)

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Go to Atlantic City. Put a quarter in the first slot machine you see. If you hit the big jackpot with one pull you have the kind of luck requred to not sand through veneer.

I don't and sand through every time I try. At least a little.

Even if you don't go through you can get it so thin that the grain figure sort of washes out.

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