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adding a small image

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i want to put a small image on my LP pickguard. the image is in a vector format and i need to print it.

i dont want to deal with clearcoating the guard i just want something thats reasonably hardwearing, and considdering i hardly ever hit the the guard or use metal picks its not overly important.

what would you recommend i do to achieve this?

i cant get it printed professionally, as im in the middle of nowhere.

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How fine is the detail of the image?

You've already ruled out having a vinal decal cut locally even though it is in the correct format for that. Course there are place's on the internet that will do the cutting for you off your own image here is one if you would consider mail order.

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you might find that you have trouble printing vector images unless you have access to a printer that interprets Postscript, if you have trouble try to export the image into a raster format like a tiff or jpeg

i've used post script to print out hacky sack designs to scale and i had no issues at all with my dinky little HP deskjet 600C and regular windows drivers

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