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Wiring Problems..


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When I was in my mid teens I was diagnosed as having 'essential tremors' my doctor has basically told me "live with it" time and time again. Okay.. so.. anyone have this problem? I was working on my SG earlier today and the more I worked on it the worse my hands shook.. I was wiring mini switches.. so.. there was a lot of fine little points to solder.. and I just had to give up for the day. Not only does this seem to get worse day to day, but also from start to finish when working on a project that requires soldering. I'm only 22 and my hands shake like I have parkinsons or something.

Any tips/home remedies?

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Just consulted an old nurse that said Licorice is good to help that.

I personally don't know but it never hurts to try :D

I've actually tried that one lol It helped a little, but not much. :-( I was very surprised actually when I got it.. because.. like.. the licorice was in stick form. I'd always thought it came from a leaf of some kind. After boiling them I got some nasty tea to drink.. lol ;-)

Thanks for the response,


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hi apparently herbs such as Oats, Scullcap and Melissa can help as they treat the nervous system. you can brew them into a kind of tea (if you buy them loose) or may even find supplement tablets that contain these herbs.

hope that helps :D

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on the other end of the helping spectrum i picked up a set of "helping hans" that come with or without a magnifying glass attached to it, it's basicly a little metal weight block with 2 little metal aligator heads on arms that can be tightened into postion, so you could hold the switch and then put a wire in the other aligator mouth thing, and move it into position, then you just have to concentrate/relax on holding the soldering iron, i hope that helps dude, and i'm sorry to hear about your problem i wish i could do more to help.

btw i attachec some felt to the bottom of the metal block/ stand with some double sided carpet tape so it could sit on the guitar and not scratch the finish

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