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Wiring Question.


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Okay, so I'm working on a project, and I want to wire it with a P-90 in the bridge, Strat pickup in the mid, and Tele pickup in the neck. Now, I asked for pickup recommendations at another forum, and somone said that there would be problems with resonant peaks and not being hum-cancelling.

Can anyone explain to me, what is happening, and why, and if I can make them hum-cancelling? They told me that the strat pickup and tele pickup would be fine, but there would be a problem with the P-90.

Thank you!

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Don't see why there would be a problem with it to be honest. As long as the middle pickup is reverse wound in comparison to the neck and bridge pickup it should be fine, and hum cancelling in the inbetween positions (i'm assuming ur using a 5 way strat style switch yeah?).

if you email seymour duncan, they're usually very helpful with things like this, and have alot more expert knowledge than most people on forums!


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That was probably just someone spouting off bad information to make themselves feel important. Some people use the same exact pickup in all positions, and others use extreme variances in pickups across the positions. Plus the inherent resonant peak of the pickup itself is only half the equation, because each pickup position has it's own resonant peak.

That guitar is probably going to sound fantastic in the in-between positions. I'd use a really robust P-90 in the bridge, though. Not a vintage wind. Otherwise it's going to have the icy-bright strat bridge pickup disease. I wouldn't position the P-90 too close to the bridge for that reason as well. But those are just loose suggestions. You can use whatever, and place them wherever, and that should be a great guitar.

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