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Body Thickness

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yeah it is,i was using a les paul,and a flying v,to gather some info for a school project,and they were both 1 and 3/4 inches,2 inch would be to thin,unless u add a veneer,

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1.75" is thinner than 2", last time I checked my maths. :D

On a separate note: nothing stopping you from going out of spec, if that's what you want. If you want a mammoth of a guitar (I wouldn't recommend it) you can go thicker, and if you want something more back-friendly you can go thinner and/or chamber it.


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ok...i really dont no why i said that...oh well...lol.well,i guess u just gotta plane it down to around that size,cause that extra quarter inch makes a lot of difference...but dont listen to me,i always say the wrong things lol

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I have a set of plans for a late 50's LP. It is 2 7/16" in the middle and 2" at the edges taking into account the carving. There was no chambering that I can see, so this was a heavy bugger.

Fenders were a standard 1 3'4" thick because Leo decided to use standard material for his guitars.

No reason you can't make a LP style from 2" thick material. For example, PRS guitars are about 2" thick in the middle and then carved.

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