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What Are The Ideal All Around Jazz Bass Pickups?

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I have a set of Lace Sensor Jazz in my project jazz bass. I love them. Lots of low end with enough bark to hold their own in almost any tune. The price is decent too.....IIRC I paid less than $100 for the set. I usually only play Rush on the Jazz bass (don't know why) which is a combo of all the styles you mention. Give google a search and I'm sure you can find some sound clips of them on the web. Lace has a bunch of clips on their site and in their forum.

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If you play all styles of music that includes jazz, then I would recommend the Bartolini system HR-3.4 with a Bartolini 9J or 9K pair, depending on your bass. If you have an Alder/Basswood bass then try the 9K's and if it's Ash try the 9J's. You could use the system HR-3.3 but for a wider variety of music the midrange control of the 3.4 is necessary.

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If you'd pop over to the "A Delemma" thread, there is some useful information. If you'd check out my post, the three other manufacturers I listed are all stellar at making Jazz pickups. (If you don't want to look at my post over there, the companies are Lindy Fralin, Nordstrand, and Aero. I have a lot more detail in that post though!) The insights on Barts and EMGs are useful, and I see BluesPresence has already brought his laudation of the Lace pickups here.

Oh, yeah, on the Mexi standards the wood is alder. (I'm late...)

To sum everything up, a good tone from a pickup is extremely subjective. I'm a kinda modern-vintage tone lover.

A really good thing to consider is split-coil Jazz pickups too. Cuts down on noise.

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if you havent already made up your mind, i would recommend

dimarzio ultrajazz.

i use them in my trusty old monterey jazz bass (laugh all you want)

and i love them.

theyve got a punchy, warm vintage sort of tone.

neck pup is almost pbass in the fatness stakes and the bridge is a nice,

refined jaco impression.

best of all, theyre noiseless. i play in a cover band, and these seem to keep up with the dynamic range of music we play.

try them if youre after a set of decent passive pups.

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