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Exact Position Of Volute In Comparison To The Nut

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Hey guys I searched about the volutes but I couldn't get a feel for exactly where to position it. On some of perry's guitar I think one with a scarf joint the volute seemed a pinch more towards the headstock, and on others I've seen more towards the neck and some dead center. I don't think it will make a huge difference but I would at least like to try and put it where it will create the most strength. By dead center I mean where the ridge of the volute lines up with the guitars nut. I would feel that this would be best as this is the skinniest part of the neck, right where it makes the angle. But as I said I have seen the location vary, this just might be in part caused by carving by hand, it's probably pretty difficult to make it perfectly centered. Also I don't have a scarf jointed neck, it's a 13 degree angled 3 piece laminate neck with a bit thicker overall size, maybe similar to the original jem 777, maybe thicker but I doubt it. So any thoughts on this would greatly be appreciated. And by the way I think volutes are sexy too! Thanks for the help guys! Jason

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I like it under the nut, but I also like to start it "as soon as possible". That means if you shape all your open chords, including a 1st fret bar chord you shouldn't really feel it with your thumb. But anything beyond that point should be getting thicker rapidly, and maxing out at the nut. Then it's up to you how much you want to spread out the taper on the headstock side. Again, I'll make that as long as possible, often flattening right before the tuner flange.

If you're putting a volute on a straight headstock BTW, it should be back further IMO, in the general area where the head thins down from the top.

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I put them where the headstock starts to curve naturally which is pretty much under the nut. Depending on how much material there is in that area too will effectively move the natural location of the volute.

If you have not carved the back yet you can draw it out on the side. The exact location can be where you like it mostly. It adds strength but also looks too.

Hope that helps! Have fun.


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HUH? I thought I already wrote a response here but I guess I must of not submitted it. First off thanks everyone for your help, I'm ready to start doing some sexy volutes now Perry, thanks for your pics, I believe that the pics you posted were the ones I was talking about. It is scarfed right? And to me it seems that the volute is slightly closer to the headstock side, it looks good and I'm just not sure where mine will end up.

I'm having a hard time trying to decide the thickness I should rough cut the laminate. I was thinking 1 1/4", but it seems big and there will be a lot of shaping involved, but also it feels like if I go thinner than that I won't get a nice solid volute which I would really like. The profile I'm shooting for is around 19-20.5mm at the first fret, I still need to decide on exact thickness by doing some more research and playing some more guitars. And yes I want it that thick, I just get cramped way too easy on thin necks, I've always felt really comfortable on acoustic necks for some reason. So I want to beef up from the jem777 by just a little, but I will go by feel as I'm shaping and if it turns out fatter or thinner then oh well!

So an 1 1/4"is 31.75mm that doesn't sound bad but the fretboard I'm getting will probably be .25" or like 6.35mm. So lets say 20mm at the first fret -6.35 for the fretboard would leave 13.65mm for the actual neck at the first fret. And that makes 31.75 sound huge, more than double, so should I only use an inch will I still be able to get a good volute with that?

Also consider this is my first neck and it has a angled headstock no scarf. Any help here would be great and I'm not putting an blades near it until I figure this out, and hopefully I should get at least two necks, if I plan it right, hopefully. Thanks for all the help guys, I want every detail to be as good as I can make it, no matter how long it takes. After I get a few builds behind me, I will become more relaxed I'm sure, but right now I'm being very picky about the smallest of things. I know if I do this guitar well I will get a lot more confidence in my building skills and relax. Thanks guys, you've been a huge help! Jason

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