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Quilted Maple Veneer

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Ok, dilema. Need some GOOD quilted maple veneer for a guitar that im working on NEXT WEEK. Problem is, the only suppliers i have found so far have grouped lots (thats not a problem), and have minimum order values (that is a prob). I dont want to fork out $200 for veneers, then $120 for shipping (im in Oz), plus $150 customs and taxes, etc etc etc.

I only NEED one tops worth right now, but i know i'll need it again in the future. Ive got $4000 worth of maples suitable for carved and drop tops, and if i have to i'll just cut one of those tops down, but thats a huge waste.

So, anyone got any contacts they can recommend??? Anyone have any veneers they arent using and wanna sell?? Maybe we can swap (ive got exotic aussie fretboards?) timbers even???


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Give these folks a call. I've dealt with them before and their prices cant be beat IMO. And their premium quilt veneer is to die for :D

you have to find out about international shipping though. or have them send it to me and I'll forward it if you need me to


i am going to put that up in the supply topic i pinned earlier...if you have any more of those kinds of things scott,post em in there if you don't mind


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