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Crackle Finish

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Ok, I'm going to do a crackle finish on a guitar that we just finished routing.

I want to do bright green as the bottom coat and black as the crackled part, but, I don't know if the black will come out opaque enough to cover because it needs to be sprayed. Any tips on this before I start?

I looked at the old crackle tut. but I'm not sure how opaque the black top-coat will come out. Has anyone had that problem in the past?

Also, any suggestions for what brand of glue I should get, and how much it will cost me?


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Do yourself a favor and go to the M. L. Campbell website.

Click on "What's New" and look at the tutorial on how production shops do crackle finishes.

They have distributorships all over and will sell in small quantities for just about everything that they make.

The majority of distributors in anything resembling a city (Richmond has 185,00 people) do custom tint work.

In the past I've done crackle finish with wet-on-wet fast-over-slow stuff, but it's nice to use a system developed to do this tricky finish..

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