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Jimmy James and the Blue Flames


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Well, there 'are' blue flames!

A Tele project I'm working on. Will have an on-board EMG Afterburner pre-amp and some other goodies. Myrtle Flame top and back, control cavity is the same wood, cut out before finishing, shaped, then screwed on for the finishing stages. The rear is a carbon-copy of this front shot.

Blue Flame Myrtle Explosion Tele

...And Here's a swirly girly weirdo Maple quilt/burl thang I'm workin' on too...This one will have a set of Lace Sensor Hot Gold pkps along with another EMG Afterburner and an EXG control.

Can't decide on the bridge, that's why there's no bridge stuff yet. Either a hardtail Callaham bridge or an OFR (in gold)...

Basecoat Color (No Finish Yet)

...And a Rhoads-Jackson Inspired Shark-V, w/ Rosewood (Coco-Bolo actually) top and back that I 'almost' got done tonight.

Overall Body Shot

Closeup of Bridge Area

Headstock w/ same wood

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This is kind of my 'Hiya Guys' introduction thread, showing some of the stuff I'm working on presently (there's more).

Great site, I really love what I've seen so far and hope it grows. I immediately liked it here.

I hang with the twanglers (Fender-based) as well as the dive-bombin' Headbangers, I like it all, and everything in between...

The top two are just the normal 'stain black and sand back' figure-enhancing deals.

The Coco-Bolo was shot with Catalyzed lacquer for the first few coats to seal up the oils and clear pore-fill, then regular Nitro shot over that after it was orbital-sanded with Abralon Pads up to 4000 grit.

I don't have the Pro Buff equipment to do Catalyzed justice, but I do have the stuff to buff up regular lac nicely, but regular lac w/ oily woods bleeds the oils up into the finish terribly, so I found a balance between the two that seems to work for me.

I've also used CYA glue as a clear pore-filler/oil sealer on occasion, it works pretty good also...kinda nasty with binding tho, it does 'drag' the oils around as you're wiping it in, but it is another way to skin the oily cat...

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Hi Doug - great looking work, the figure on that myrtle is spectacular, and that cocobolo looks very classy. I've seen your stuff on the mimf and been impressed with your **** retentive work getting your stains just how you want them... definately worth the effort.

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Thanks again!

Guitars are the friggin' Nuts!

I get my wood from either a local guy (Wood World in Rockville, MD)

...Or from e-Bay.

I get almost all of my veneers from e-Bay these days also, there's 3 or 4 folks there that have really top shelf drop-dead gorgeous veneers consistantly.

The Myrtle I got from Cook Woods off of e-Bay.

The Coco-Bolo I got from my local guy at Wood World, but that was about 7 years ago I got that...his Coco-Bolo selection has dried up a bit since those days, but there's plenty on e-Bay...

The middle (figured Maple) model was another purchase from Wood World.

I always browse Cook Woods' selections on e-Bay, but there are others with really great stuff too...

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