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Thin headstock

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also, keep in mind that the sound of the guitar will suffer from a thin headstock.

I've done quite some research on this and I always thought the sound of a guitar with a thicker headstock sounds better.

But then again... this may only count for strats..... :D


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If you have a 5 piece laminate, I think you'll be ok. The thickness might make some tonal difference, but probably not if you use a locknut. Think about it this way, the Parker P38's have almost no wood and they work fine, and the P38's are not composite like the fly's, they are just simple maple necks and headstocks :D

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well i read, i think it was on the stew mac page, there was an article thingy on necks, and under the "tricks of the trade" section if said making a thinner headstock was a good idea to prevent breakage, which kinda made sense to me, just as long as u keep the area where the angle meets the back of the neck nice and thick.

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