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Carbon Fiber Instruments


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Some ppl say that they don't sound good and all, but I just saw on TV (science show) that some relaly great cello players start using carbon fiber cellos. Quintus Cellos

If someone like a cello player can say those can sound good, then imust be true...

I'm really starting to think that composite materials will become more and more important in musical intruments.

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They will become more prevalent. I don't hate composite, I just hate it when I'm trying to get the sound of wood. Then graphite neck rods, or carbon backed/wrapped bodies are the enemy. They either remove or control the sound of the wood and replace it with a more neutral sound. But if that's what you want, then its your friend. So it is both friend and/or foe depending on your expectations of the final product.

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I'm all for using different materials for a guitar. Rain Song has done a great job at making guitars from carbon. They sound consistent is the main praise I hear about them. They really don't care about humidity like a wooden instrument does.

At the same time, round back guitars like Ovation were too radical for my tastes. I never have been able to play with one while sitting down. They keep sliding out and trying to lay flat like a lap steel.

Perhaps the main difference is that it doesn't matter what you make the instrument from, as long as a real person has had to shape the parts and put them all together. Perhaps that's unfair to say about Ovations. The neck has to be shaped and assembled, but the back is injection molded.

Now, I wonder what an MDF guitar would sound like. :D

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I saw that show last night. Very interesting. A con I can see is I they probably don't 'open up' like wooden instruments do though, ie - sound better after a number of years, the instrument and sound always evolving.

but the back is injection molded

That's similar to how the instruments in the original link are made.

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