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Extensively Detailed Tutorial

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OK, so here's the low down, I've been chronicling my building with what would eventually be, by the end, something of VERY substancial length. It describes ALL steps in detail, has photos for almost all of the steps, etc. I'm talking this things is in chapter form and everything. I know IIII would have wanted this when I was a newbie, but I'm just checking it it's worth me doing this or not. So give me a heads up if people think I should continue something of this nature for the newbies, or if I should jsut build my guitar and post the finished product when it happens?

To see what I've done so far right click and save here and then go change the .jpg extension to a .doc (I couldn't find any other way to host a word document... so I hope this works) and tell me what you think.


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Yep, nice stuff so far...you ought to start a thread in the tutorials section for it --give it a title like 'step by step for beginners' or something like that.

The way I see, you can't have too much information --and people will respond with their own tips n' tricks as to how they do things.

For example: in order to transfer my drawing onto my template piece I printed on tracing paper (semi-transparent). This let me line up the drawing's center line exactly to the center line on the block.

Next, I placed sheets of carbon paper (remember that stuff?) under the tracing paper and used a very fine pro-quality mechanical pencil (the wife's an architect/city planner, she's got lots of fancy gear) to trace the lines.

The result gives you an exact rendition of your drawing on the template block --I used a little bit of clear coat to fix it down.

Oh yeah, another tip for the extremely near-sighted among you: I take my glasses off...this allows me to push my nose up within an inch or two to work even more exactly...not advisable while soldering though :D

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Not sure if this is any help BUT.. ive chucked the file on a free host to save you having to rename it to a .doc :D


Not sure how long itll work for but Ahh thought id help

And with the tutorial.. DEFINITLY continue... there will NEVER be enough refrences on how to build... you might even throw some new ideas into the forum which can benefit all of us!

Good luck dude

~~ Slain Angel ~~

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And plus I guess the more the merrier.

Exactly! I did one on here for a bass, there's lots for guitars out there, but people do things differently, so it's good to have a number of references to look from.

I can't get yours to open, so I don't know what it looks like, but I'm currently doing a pictorial for a violin using free forum software where I can just post an update and people can instantly read it, and basically watch in real time as I built it, just like a thread on here, but with out any other posts cluttering it up. Just a thought.

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I can't get yours to open

Try using the link i put up a few posts above... it seems to be working here :D

Its a link directly to the ".doc" file so no renaming is required!

~~ Slain Angel ~~

I tried that one too. I keep getting this 'illegal operation' crap...

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