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F-hole Design

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Here's the design for the F-hole that I'm planning to put on my guitar (looks like a cross between a tele thin-line and a Myka Dragonfly).

What do you guy's think?


I know the pics a little fuzzy (camera phone...) but it's basicaaly a SLIGHTLY distorted (in shape) version of a classic f-hole where the rounded ends are circles that are actually distached from the "shaft" of the f. And where the shaft and the ball ends are seperated, the shaft's ends sort of "craddle" the balls.


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It's good, but for me it's too busy. I don't know what it's going on, or whether you'll have binding or purfling or whatever, but it's just a little busy for me. Maybe a little longer, and with the bottom hole a little smaller it would look more pleasing.

But don't take my (or any of our) opinion too seriously because you know what the finished product is going to look like, and you have a vision for it. So sometimes "too fancy" is exactly what the guitar needs!

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I don't think there is any excuse for mentioning the 'shaft cradling the balls', this is a family forum. Lest Mr. Falbo think he got away with it, I also noted his gratuitous use of the phrase 'bottom hole'.

Gentlemen, I'm disgusted.

Seriously, I agree with Frank - it's a tad busy, and doesn't flow very well to my eye, but the context matters - it might be just the job with your body design.

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