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Knob Inserts

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That's just a brass tube, and still requires a set screw. Which is fine, but if I were using a set screw then I'd cut the hole to the perfect size and have the set screw press against the pot directly.

That's how I've done it in the past. I've simply threaded the wood and used an allen bolt. It works fine. If you're really scared about the threads you can soak the threads with superglue and then re-run the tap. If the wood is good they'll hold just fine.

You could also get a nylon or plastic bushing that's just the right size. Then glue it in, and let the knurls cut their own paths. Or heat the pot shaft with a soldering iron, attempting to let the shaft melt it's own grooves. But that's all if you must have a press-fit. I'd rather use an allen bolt. With the allen bolt you can still drill the hole just small enough that the knob has to be lightly pressed into place. Or use the brass bushings (or plain brass tube) and drill and tap it right along with the knob itself. That way you have a little bit of metal thread, along with the metal surrounding the pot.

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Anyone know where you can buy the parts that make the knobs stay on the pots? Like the Ibanez ones that just slide on (not the ones that you need to screw on the side to keep in place). For like if you wanted to make your own knobs with plastic, or turned wood, etc.?


A wood knob with the correct size hole drilled can be a press-on as you are describing. No real bushing needed. The key to it is the hole size. you want the hole in the knob to be maybe .001-.003" undersized for the pot shaft. It will then be a press fit without splitting the wood/plastic,etc. I'm like you, I don't like the look of set screws.

The two things you need for this is a good set of calipers and a good set of drillbits like this

That is by far the best tool in the shop (next to the mill). You can make any hole a sliding, close, or press fit.

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