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Question About An Explosion Proof Fan

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I took this fan out of an old paint spray booth and I'm wondering if it's explosion proof.

Heres the lable. link

It says TESTED/CERTIFIED and it's made by a company called HVI fans. I checked out HVI fans website and they do make explosion proof fans. Thats about all the info I have on it...

one more pic

Is there any way of knowing if this is an explosion proof fan?

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if it came out of a spray booth the chances are that it is safe but i'm not sure that i'd stake my life on it. your best bet is to contact them directly and have it verified.

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from the pic above I will tell you that it is NOT! See the bobin (I don't know if thats how you call it) were the cables go into! That needs to be encapsulated, and the motor is almost always outside of the fan area.

fumes can get ignited by going into the stator(armature?)(once again I think this is the name) . What you will need is an exhaust fan for central air systems. The one that have the cylindrical shape to it, those have the motor on the outside and almost always powered by pulleys or chains.

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If all your looking for is a fan with a motor on the outside(hypothetically speaking), a squirel cage(I believe that's the name of it) fan would work really well. The move a lot of air and are normally belt driven. If you went that route, it'd be best to get one with sealed bearings.



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Not explosionproof! If you are looking for the correct listing for this type of fan. It should be marked Listed for Class 1,Group D (explosive atmospheres). The wireing up to the fan itself also has to be installed in a raceway rated for this location also. It is really important that you understand what area will be classified and what area is outside the classified area. Anyhow here is a link to Grangers Explosion proof exhaust fans-Exhaust fans

An explosion proof motor is going to cost between $300-$600 (thats the motor itself). That would be a new price. If you find a $30 fan don't count on it being rated Class 1, Div 1.


P.S. If you are looking into building a spray booth. A couple good places to look for information on construction requirements would be- IBC(international building code) Sec. 307 & 416, NFPA 70 (National Electrical Code) Articles 500 & 516. You this doesn't cover every requirement of course, but will help you understand and define the hazardous location. Also your local authorities may have additional requirements or ammendments to these requirements (it is worth a call to your areas building division).

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