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Natural Finish

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Hey guys,

I plan on stripping my guitar down to the wood and i wanted to do a natural finish but by the chips of paint that fell off my guitar already i can tell the wood color under the paint isn't what i want. Would i be able to buy an alcohol based wood stain (like a dark mahogany) and put 1 or two coats on? After i would do this i dont know weither i shold make it high gloss or leave it with like one coat of sealer and superpoly to protect it? Last what color pickguard would look good with a dark mahogany guitar? Thanks alot.

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Hows about letting the stain soak in and then finishing it off with tung oil?.

Would a clear guard be a good choice? Just guessing :D

Where do could i get some of that tung oil from. A clear pickguard wouldnt be good becasue ive got to do some body routing to put in humbuckers and there will be an open single coil slot left seeable so i would shy away from that.

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You can buy Tung oil from pretty much anywhere that has things like wood stains. You can even find it at Wal Mart in the hardware section. There are a few things to be aware of, though... First is that it's a pretty low-sheen finish. Not too shiny. But then again, all that i have used is low-sheen tung oil, so maybe thats why :D ! Does anyone know how shiny high-sheen tung oil is??? Second is that it's reccomended to reapply tung oil about once every year. If you don't mind removing your strings and oiling up your guitar once every year, it's not a big deal, though. Good luck!!!

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Last what color pickguard would look good with a dark mahogany guitar?

I'd suggest either of the following,

1,chrome(coloured chrome is cool) with standard black pickups and knobs

2,Black Guard with white pickups/knobs etc...



(edited due to me being have asleep and seelong eferythong rong)

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