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Refretting Tools

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Im gonna get a bit of money and I can either buy a new cheapish guitar to screw around with, get an EMG set and some locking tuners and stuff, or buy a bunch of refretting supplies.

Now I know this is all expensive stuff, but that's why I came here to ask. What do I really NEED to have to do a refret? I'd like to be able to do a complete refret if I want, and if all I can afford is just to by fret dressing tools then I'm fine with that too. But I dont know what all I need.

I'm guessing I need

Some sort of leveling tool (use this for beveling too maybe?)

crowning tools.

What would I use for polish?


fret wire bending device of some sort

And do I really need one of those expensive fret-setters? Can I just use some sort of hammer or something instead maybe?

I'd really like to keep this as cheap as possible, but I understand that may not be all that feasible.

And I may just scrap the idea for later on anyway. A few years from now when I can better afford all the equipment I'll need and be able to possibly make my money back on my own time easier. But I'd still like some general guidelines on what I need to get. :D

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One more question since we are on this subject.. I know this was a refret job.. but if you was making a neck from scratch.. do you use a jig that has the blade to cut the fret slots.. I'm thinking about buying one.. but was wondering because it cuts straight across.. what's the best way to slot the fret slots radius wise..? You just use a small saw and cut until it's radiused with the business card line?

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stew mac sells a plexi glass "depth guide" for they're saws, but u can easily rig one up oof a peice of plexi glass (god i love that stuff) then once u do get the slots made intialy, radius the neck and resaw the fret slots if needed with this little add on, thus ensuring ur saw will go the perfect depth in all areas (if u set it up right)


as far as cutting the slots, i have one of those stew mac fretting miter boxes, i'm still trying to get that damn thing to cut perfectly square.

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